The Community fund has been a God sent.

We had 14 gems in the community fund until today. We organised the annual Summer Gathering which turned out a great way to do something for the larger community. Many of you have been so kind to donate a gem into this fund and gave others the opportunity to help out on the day.
Trish did a great job on early morning car parking duty, it took away all the stress we used to have to try and sort out car parking and moaning stall holders.
Jude, Debbie, Sally, Tina and Diane thank you so much for being willing and able to man the Transition stall and inspiring others to become part of the skills exchange or to join Transition West Bridgford.

The following day Tina had organised the Eco House Open day where 8 houses in West Bridgford were opened for the public to wander around and fire questions. In total 31 visitors showed up and seemed to have had a wonderful experience. As a thank you to all the home owners for giving their time and effort a gem was given to them too. Some of them are not in the skills exchange and will therefore have their first experience of it thanks to the Community Fund.

Keep those gems shining!

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