Journey of a Gem

The journey of a Gem

If in 'real' life a good friend does you a favour and you volunteer to pay for it, very often your friend will not want to accept your money. It is seen as a friendly and generous gesture. If Margit had looked after Catherine's hens for 'free' none of the actions seen below would have followed.See the journey of a gem story and realise that spending 1 gem can set off a chain reaction of nearly 60 amazing deeds.

Margit will look after the hens for
Catherine who will provide some eggs to
Diane who will do an Asda shop for
Barbara who will give a reflexology treatment to
Laraine who will adjust some trousers for
Karina who will do some cleaning for
Catherine who will give a lift to the airport to
Christa who will give a lift to the airport to
Angela who will mend a bike for
Alex who will give a lift to
Tina who will pass some of her baby clothes and bits and pieces on to…
… will do some graphic design for
Sharon who will do some cleaning for
Mike who will give a hot stone back massage to
Maureen who will do some gardening for
Loreen who will cut Dianne’s hair
Diane who will make some lovely vegan/vegetarian food for
Debbie who will cut some wood for
Karina who will help set up a blog site for
Anne who will give a lift to the airport to
Lawrence who will help repair Martha’s computer
Martha who will do some group cleaning for
Catherine who will lend our her trailer to
Joe and Andrea who will do some ironing for Mark Shears
Mark who will help dig the allotment for
Liz who will go and pick up a bike for Vera and Alan
Alan who will give some environmental advise to Debbie
Debbie who will make some marmalade and chutney for
Sally who will teach baking to
Clara who gives a wonderful facial to
Julie who will give her image consultancy services to
Michael who will make some sushi for
Trish who will do some copy writing for
Sharon who will do some cleaning for Sally,
Sally who will transfer some video to DVD for
Liz who will lift to the airport to Carol
Carol who will make some marmalade for Mike
Mike who will bake some biscuits for Ruth
Ruth who will water the garden for
Gren who will lend his cement mixer to
Steve who will be the man with a van who picks up some stuff for
Jude who will give a body talk session to Moira
Moira who will do some tarot cards for Clara
Clara who will give a facial to
Karina who will give some fresh vegetables to
Eduardo Franco who will cook an authentic Italian meal
This Italian meal who will be enjoyed by the Italian Conversation Group organised by..
Margit and so the gems keeps shining!