Steph Bradley of the Transition Network paid us a visit. She walked up from Totnes along the leafy lanes of England and arrived in West Bridgford via Leicester and Loughbrough on her flip flops.

She was looking for somewhere to stay so after contacting members of the Skills Exchange 4 people came up trumps. Thea offered her the newly decorated spare room, invited some friends and visited other Transition members so that Steph could get a feel for what sort of things we are doing. At the end of day one she managed to fit in a hotstone treatment from Mike. She should now be refreshed and ready for the next leg of her walk around the country.

It was lovely to meet her and look forward to reading her Transition tales.

It was great to see that we live in a generous community where people are forthcoming to share their accommodation, food, stories and skills with visitors from afar.

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