We are all packed and ready for a few days in the sunshine. Normally this is a hectic time as someone will need to look after the gardens, the animals, organising transport to and from the airport (not easy when you are scheduled to arrive very late in the evening) and sort out the harvesting, this time it is different as the members of the skills exchange have come up trumps.

John came back early from Martha to pick us up to take to the airport. He had left his children with her to make a special birthday card for them mother, Martha would drop them back home, giving him time to earn his gem being our chauffeur.
During the trip he mentioned that he used to be a butler, which is very handy as our son would like to do a holiday job where he needs to use his silver service skills. After we come back, he will come back for a little Silver Service session.

We have a host of friends looking after the gardens, the hens and do some harvesting whilst we are away, so I can relax and enjoy this holiday. What would I do without them?

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