Last winter I worked for an hour in karina's bio dynamic allotment clearing weeds and digging up tiny raspberry plants that were growing in the wrong places. Rather than accepting a gem for my work, I choose the tiny raspberry plants as my big brothers Christmas present! He was delighted with the gift but has been even more delighted by the pounds of autumn raspberries he has been harvesting already. He said there has been nothing more lovely than eating the beautiful raspberries on his cereal or porridge in the morning.... makes his day start really well! He took these pictues and picked today 2 october and says:" coming to the end but they've done really well as they started cropping 3rd week in Aug!"

Many, many thanks Karina, he says it's the best present he has ever had and is encouraging all his friends in Dorset to grow beautiful raspberries! Sally

If you too would like to have some of these tasty Joan J raspberries, you can either wait until later this winter and you can get 10 for a gem or you could buy it via the unwins website

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