I have my 18 year old niece and her friend over for a couple of weeks to learn English and to find out what life is like in auntie's household.

They were thrown in the deep end and are enjoying it very much.
They earned their first gem working harvesting in the allotment and spent it within hours with Mike for a hotstone massage.

Then they both had a pilates session with Mary, they loved it!

Marilou said that she would like to join a group when she is back in Switzerland.
Ironically they are earning two gems for Mary by baking some Chocolate cakes this weekend and an other one later in the week to give to Mike for a hot stone massage for Zoe as Marilou raved about it. There you have it, they are learning English in many ways, reading recipes, speaking with others on the skills exchange as well as getting involved a different way of living and thinking than they are used to where they live.

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