Kate inspired me to type a few lines for the blogosphere to show my appreciation for the skills exchange over the last 3 months!!
This is pretty much a big list of thank you's, sorry it's a bit long - but here goes...

My birthday party in May went with a bang mainly because of lovely SE's who offered friends accommodation (thank you thank you - I was delighted with the response). Cath M gets a special mention for housing, feeding and looking after 2 toddlers and transporting a friends bed for me and babysitting!!!

Karina cooked delightful veggie fare and tarts and sushi and was extremely kind showing my guests from the US their amazing warhammer cavern.

Many thanks go also to Dianne who taught me how to make window seat covers, she showed unceasing patience and aptitude and I have a lovely window seat now - she has also altered clothes for me and a friend who desperately needed one for an important wedding and she did a marvellous job! She borrowed my steam cleaner which sorted her carpet stain out so we were all happy (as I'd never used it and felt very guilty).

Thank you to Simon C who put in a great new shower room and did a fantastic job and fixed a leaking pipe with no fuss and great speed.

Big thank you for Anne P generosity, she has secret wood-working skills and made signs in her wood-working class for the JG garden. Thank you also to Steve M who is making lovely sensory garden signs for the school garden and has used his wonderful creativity to make beautiful candle holders and a unique and personalised present for good friends who have just had a baby. Note he's a bit gemmed out but extremely partial to nice pieces of wood and tasty cakes :-). The candle holders were made from an old tree that was taken down by debbie Welch's partner who did a great job and even chopped it into even manageable chunks for me!

Thank you to Mike F who helped my teacher friend in terrible back pain and eleviated it so she could do the last week of work (I made him truffles and pizzas for his friend).

So all in all a very busy and productive few months - I believe the value of the gem is beyond any monetary value as many of these things were done with great expertise, kindness and love and that is truely priceless !!!!!
Sally T.

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