On Monday David H drove us to East Midlands for a few days' break in Prague. Our guide told us about the days she was a child where no one could trust anyone. Things are much better now and Prague and its people were delightful. It did make me realize how grateful I am that all the people around me in the Skills Exchange are trustworthy and generous.

How lovely it was to arrive back on a sunny spring afternoon, being picked up by David H and being able to extend the holiday for a few more hours here in Nottingham as Mike welcomed us back in a wonderfully tidy house,with a cup of tea and some cake and a few hours later Lisa knocked on the door with a delicious meal.

Unfortunately, on arrival I found that some of the roof tiles had come off the roof. No real worries though as Brian C, came round straight away to assess the situation and expect him on the roof at 9am this morning!

All is well, thanks to so many wonderful neighbours and friends.

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