Green Guardians Awards

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Green Guardians Awards - chance to win cash prize and recognition.

The 2012 Green Guardian Awards are now open for nominations -

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust says:
"Businesses, community groups, schools and individuals have the chance of winning £1,000 prize and the desirable title of Green Guardian. There are several categories but people don’t have to select a category, if they just tell us about them and the work they have been doing we can put it into the category that is most suitable. The closing date for applications is 1st October 2012."

The categories are: 
  • Environmentalist of the Year
    • Recognising an individual who has shown outstanding commitment to enhancing or protect the local environment.
  • Environmental Community of the Year
    • Recognising the achievements of a group in improving their local environment.
  • Education and the Environment Award
    • Recognising the work of schools, colleges and other educational establishments in developing projects or initiatives that improve either their immediate surroundings or champion environmental education.
  • Coping with Climate Change Award
    • Designed to recognise efforts to encourage sustainable lifestyles and limit the negative impact of climate change. Shortlisted projects in all categories will be considered for this award.
  • Protecting the Environment through Innovation
    • Recognising projects from across all sectors that seek to tackle environmental issues through the use of innovation – whether in terms of new technologies, new ideas or through taking a creative approach to community engagement.
  • First Steps to Sustainability Award
    • Designed to recognise new green initiatives which have already made an impact and demonstrate significant potential for the future.
  • Environmental Business Award
    • Recognising the contribution businesses can make to sustainability through changes to business practice or through support for community based environmental initiatives.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is the leading wildlife conservation charity working to protect and enhance the wildlife and habitats of Nottinghamshire by managing nature reserves, engaging, advising, inspiring and educating people to create a richer natural world for present and future generations.

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