Last Sunday I had a mad hatters tea party inspired by the fabulous disney film Alice in Wonderland!
I needed a little help with some decorations for the party and sent out a group email and was overwhelmed with the amount of responses I received to lend me everything from hats to Beautiful Teapots to make my party as authentic as possible.I also decided to order some cupcakes from the lovely shazia that were absolutley delicious and were gone as soon as they were put on the table!
I would like to say thankyou to all who helped me with the party:
Helen for the lovely hats, Flora for the amazing crockery and cake stand, Lisa for the cake stand and most beautiful teacups,saucers and play tunnels, Magda for a play tunnel and the lovely Karina for her gazebo and yummy food from her sons Michael and Thomas!

Thankyou to all that helped make my party a complete success!!! Until next year!

Sophia x

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