4th birthday get together, 8th October in Test Match

First of all I would like to thank Martha, Averil and Craig (of the Test Match) for making it possible to have a group of skills exchangers to gether in one room to be able to meet up, taste the wonderful food that they made and see the wonderful crafts and skills on display. It was a good way to meet some new people and put faces to names as under no circumstances do we want the Skills Exchange to become a 'yellow pages'. As it was organised in the afternoon there were lots of youngsters about who seemed to hit it off well with eachother, whilst parents were chatting and networking. Each family brought 1 gem to put in the community fund, after having donated gems to Martha, Sophia and Averil for the work they had put in organising the event we had 8 gems for the pot. Some people had forgotten their gems so hope to receive some more in the week ahead. The next event is on Saturday 20th October from 7-9pm

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