Who has bee a busy bee then?

When I asked Anna if she had used the skills exchange recently she sent me the following up date. 2 October 2012 " I helped Cath Mears to do clean her house- did a blitz on the sitting room whilst Karina did a great job on the kitchen and on the windows. Many hands make light work ;-)" 8 October 2012 "I shampooed 2 of Cath Mears's carpets. It takes up to an hour to do a really thorough clean in one large-ish room." 15 October 2012 "Thanks Paul MacNamara for going up a ladder in the wind and cold to fix my 2 outside PIR lights and also replacing some jammed up interior spotlight bulbs. 26 October 2012 " Another visit to Anne Turner-Harrod for a french manicure using UV hardened gel so it will last a couple of weeks and make my ropey fingernails look like jewels. What's not to like?" Nov 1st 2012 " I spent last Thursday morning giving Cath Mears' kitchen a mini blitz. Hob, microwave, surfaces and floor got a deep clean. She has wall mounted speakers for her radio tuner so I had an enjoyable morning listening to the radio while I scrubbed. Why is it so much nicer doing someone else's cleaning rather than your own?" Nov 3rd 2012 "I've located a carpet stretching tools - thanks to both Alex Brodrip and Simon Bramley and the others who had suggestions" As you can see there was a lot of give and take, and all in all a great way to help eachother. Thank you to all of you who make the system healthy and happy

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