News from Flora - Monday 17 June 2013

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me either by using my skills or supplying their own so far this year.

The journey of a gem has been very fruitful with some now appearing on my fruit allotment that Cath Mears , Graham Moreland & Bridget Rich  & others have helped me with & I cannot thank Mike Mears enough for coming to the rescue & fabricating roof spars that fit my greenhouse perfectly & taking the time to fit them so I can now glaze the greenhouse. I must also thank him for mending & welding a new piece for my lovely tiered flower basket, which is now happily growing lots of strawberries.

So much of what has been achieved in the last few months could not have been done without their generosity.

All that activity has also benefited the SE community fund whenever I felt I had an embarrassment of riches in gem terms, so the journey of a gem could extend beyond my own needs.

Thank you to all the SE people who have given me the pleasure of taking them or their families to or from the airport whether at EMA or Birmingham or using my time to help them with
  - their gardens or
- spending gems on plants
- or decorating or
- getting advice on business start up & finance or  garden designs & planting

so that I can spend the gems to get help with a whole range of tasks & get the loan of equipment I needed to build my allotment from scratch, not forgetting the lovely gardening party group of SE members that kicked the whole project off in June last year.

 What a difference a year & all that goodwill has made!
A big thank you to all!!


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