Group Gatherings - a way to get to know eachother

The Skills Exchange summer gathering on Sunday  afternoon in Cath and Mike Mears' garden was a real joy.  The weather was great, children were playing and running around in the garden  and parents were chatting, sharing and enjoying each other's company.
I would like to thank Flora, Cath and Mike for organising this event as it was a veritable feast enjoyed by all. I'm sure everyone would have to agree that Flora did a fantastic job with the food and drink.
We have all got a few new plants for our gardens and thanks to Mike Finn,  I managed to get rid of all the jam
It is great to see that other members are organising regular get-togethers too, as it builds a wonderfully strong community.
Groups of which I am aware are:

The book group; Contact: Kate L
There are various gardening/allotment groups contacts: Ian M, Jenny W, Karina W
The Bee Group contact: Alex B
Pampering Evenings; Martha and Anne TH
Abundance harvesting: Karina W and Flora M

Dianne M  told us about the food and craft swap group, The home Grown exchange  she had been to in Nottingham,.
With so many growers, abundance helpers, makers and bakers in our group, Is there an interest from you to be part of one in West Bridgford ? If so, please let me know. (could be a nice formula for our Christmas bring and share)
The next community project in aid of the Friary Drop in centre will be this coming Sunday 8th September. It is the Musters Road Open Garden from 2-6pm (organised by Kate Lewis)  If you would like to contribute in any way (give a gem to the community chest, bake cakes or help with the catering (contact Di McClintock), or bring your family and friends and enjoy the gardens on your doorstep (entrance £5 for a couple)

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florasg5 said...

Thanks to all who came & made the SE Get Together Lunch & Plant sale n Swap at Cath & Mike Mears such an enjoyable afternoon.
Great company, Great Location, Balmy warm weather & sharing good local food together. Perfect!

Definitely an experience to be repeated & I hope that more of you can join us next year.

Flora M