Christmas Market Shop at Caths

Becoming a Mum to our gorgeous little girl, Mollie Louise, 7 weeks ago has changed a few things in the Meakin household. I have spent a lot more time in Bridgford and with less money coming in, this has meant maximising the use of the local amenities - local baby & parent groups; walks through the park (Mollie isn't quite up to swings & slides yet!); shopping locally on a more regular basis and of course using the Skills Exchange.
Last night (whilst Mollie was having Daddy-daughter time) I was able to visit the SE Christmas market at Cath's house. Greeted with a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine - Cath was the perfect host - showing me around all the stalls which offered jewellery; home baking and preserves; glass products; cards; Christmas decorations; scarfs and a huge range of beauty products. I managed to exchange my gems (but could have also spent cash) on a variety of items which will make delightful (and unique) Christmas presents for our family & friends. It was also wonderful to catch up (& meet new) Skill Exchangers and hear all about the pop up shop from Karina which will be run by Mike F and Suzanne R. on the Avenue (previously the David Holmes shoe shop) shortly - of which I am sure me (& Mollie) will be visiting.
Thanks for a brilliant start to the festive season.
Kate M

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