Oonagh comes to rescue (again!)

I am not really a person who likes spending a lot of money on clothing or even shopping for them is off putting.

This is why it is so wonderful to have the skills of Oonagh in our exchange. Twice now has she come up trumps and turned a jacket that was made out of lovely material but a bit baggy and old fashioned into a modern, stylish piece of clothing that I wear rather regularly now.

Then only a few days ago I came across a simple white linen summer dress, that needed taking in to give a more tailored look. I showed it to Oonagh, who immediately saw where the changes would be best to make. A few hours later and the phone rings. 'Your dress is ready' do you want me to drop it off?

Amazing service and the end result was wonderful.

Thank you Oonagh for sharing your skills

I will go and do some group spring cleaning next week at Paul's to earn some gems I spent with Oonagh and my husband spent with Paul when he had his photographs taken. I look forward to it.
Giving or receiving it is all great fun in the skills exchange.


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