Collision with Mike's wall set off a chain reaction of good will.

I have been trying to earn gems since my little collision with Mike's wall last summer, so have enjoyed bringing Diane M, her husband and friends home from a couple of interesting vegetarian restaurants I would never have found out about if it weren't for that activity. 

Ben and I also enjoyed setting up a christening party earlier in the year with Anna G and another couple.
Non-gem related activity has included   Helping Mike with the latest edition of Totally Locally WBT with a couple of articles on local businesses Signature and No 8, In which I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories of their growth and development and talking to new businesses Country Interiors and Through the Looking Glass about their ideas. 

Anne TH also rescued me with her magic hands from knotty shoulders after a house move with a very welcome massage. Finally I thoroughly enjoyed Skills Exchange book club last week. After a few months' non attendance it was good to reconnect with such a warm group of lively minds and discuss how we want the book group to develop. New members always welcome!
Warm wishes,
Catherine x

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