Cookie Swap (recipes) and Allotment gardening group action

Hi Everyone

Both events yesterday were good fun and enjoyed the beautiful weather helping Flora in her allotment - a happy 2 hours!

So nice to catch up with everyone and see Karina after a long time : )

The cookie swap was definitely a hit (thanks Karina) and will be making all the tasty contributions.Thank you Martha & Stefan for being lovely hosts.

My recipe for Melting Moments (in the middle) is attached, measured in tea cups (converted from Canadian recipe) which made 12 complete biscuits.

Best wishes 


Melting Moments

½ cup icing sugar
2/3 cups cornflour
2 slightly heaped cups of plain flour
250g/8oz butter

Cream butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy
Add sifted flours and mix well
Roll into balls about 2/3 size of golf ball and place on slightly greased oven trays
Press each ball down lightly with a fork to make a small biscuit, then press down again with fork making a criss cross pattern
Bake in moderate oven 180C 375F for about 12 mins until pale golden brown
Cool on wire rack and join biscuits with lemon cream

Lemon Cream:
60g/2oz butter
2/3 cup icing sugar
Grated rind 1 lemon
3 teaspoons lemon juice

Beat butter until smooth, gradually add sifted icing sugar, beat until mixture light and creamy, beat in lemon juice & rind.

Thanks Karina for the lovely idea and Martha - for hosting the cookie swap, it was great to catch up with all.
As promised I am sharing the recipe for Armenian cookies. I added half a walnut in the filling, glad you all liked it.

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