Good Morning Everyone

I am really pleased to see that we have been having more activity lately within the Skills Exchange. Hopefully everyone is pleased with their help, lifts etc.. I am always surprised at how quickly requests are fulfilled and judging by responses, I think others feel the same.

 I would like to thank Anna who came round on wednesday with her very efficient carpet cleaner. I now have a carpet which now looks like new rather than needing taking to the tip. We also did the light grey carpet and upholstery in my Camper van which is looking very posh again. 
It took Anna  two hours to clean everything so 2 gems for her time cleaning and 1 gem for the carpet cleaner and cleaning product. Anna was happy to earn three gems and I was more delighted with the results.
I had noticed a carpet cleaner for hire on way way out of Asda but it would have meant the hassle of hiring it and no doubt 30 minutes of paperwork/deposits etc.. I would also have had to do it all myself and then take it back and be left with a very expensive bottle of cleaning fluid hardly used that I had needed to purchase.
Thank you Anna.

With Christmas coming up, perhaps those of us with lots of gems could find ways of spending them and spreading the good cheer.

Best Wishes

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