I recently had the great pleasure of coming to Westbridgford, as part of a 6 month walk around England collecting tales of what the different transition initiatives are doing. I stayed with wonderful folk singer Thea Marsh and had a lovely time, and I also received a very lovely hot stone massage from Mike Finn.

Both of these experiences were paid for in Gems, the wonderful time bank founded in West Bridgford by Karina Wells.

Hot stone massage with Mike Finn is a very complete experience, for not only do you get to relax completely for about an hour and half, you also get to exchange tales with Mike who is a fount of knowledge on all manner of subjects.
Hot stone massage with Mike, who was in pharmaceuticals and now works with touch therapy, realising that this is an essential missing piece to our current health system, is a holistic treatment, blending the use of smooth hot volcanic stones with aromatherapy.
The stones, held in Mike's hands, are used to soothe away tightness and tensions in tired muscles, as the essential oils gently soak into your skin during the massage promoting deep relaxation and focus.
You leave the comfortable and peaceful surroundings of Mike's therapy room both relaxed and ready to go into whatever part of your life awaits you.

I highly reccommend the experience; if you offer skills on gems please consider spending some on a massage with Mike; you won't regret it!


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