If you don't live in West Bridgford but would like to set up your own Skills Exchange, this is how I did it.

Get a group of between 12-20 people who may want to join to write down what they can offer
They probably say that they like the idea but that they do not have anything to give
let them have a look at the following site
Let them fill out the sheet, the more skills, services etc they can give the better, especially in the beginning when you need a good spread.
Once you have enough variety, make the shared document private so that it can only those who have joined the exchange can view details, organise a get to gether so that people can meet.
Hand out 10 tokens to each person so that they can start trading.

There needs to be a person who is willing to screen new members and hand out the tokens.
The members will do the administration themselves, organise tea/coffee parties, so time spent on administration is less than an hour a week.

I would recommend no more than 75 members as otherwise it is too big and the community feel has gone.

If you would like to find out more contact me via email.

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