Everyone has their favourite ways to spend Gems. Our recent experiences suggest that using the Skills Exchange to get you to and from the airport has huge bonuses that you don't even think of when you arrange everything.

We have two people to thank for making our latest break even more fun than usual.

Mike (Catherine D's husband) picked us up and whisked us to Birmingham, all in good time so that we could then just relax and start our holiday even earlier than normal because all the stress was taken away. Many thanks Mike!

On the way back we were greeted with a familiar smiling face, which is JUST the way to step out of the baggage reclaim area. Julis D actually made the last leg of our journey home as much fun as any other part.

Normally that last few miles can be such a drag, not with Julie for company. She whisked us back in what seemed like seconds and so we were home and in bed before the dreaded witching hour. What a great way to top off a holiday!

So, a big thank you to Mike and Julie, you really did add to the fun of the break. HIghly recommended!

Mike F

Comment by Julie:
Oh how nice, like you said, the feeling you get from doing a good deed is far better than any official payment.

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