Would anyone like to dog sit for me I have a 3 year old border terrier cross bitch who is house trained and used to children. She likes to get an hour's walk a day and any fuss and attention she can get is always good but apart from having a few bursts of manic activity, does sleep quite a lot. She can get a bit grumpy if kids try to pick her up whilst she is asleep but apart from that, she is a very good companion. I would provide the food and anything else she would need. It is an excellent way to see if you could manage with a dog if you are being put under pressure by your kids because it does show you and them that there is quite a lot of time and effort involved, more than you would think.

I am offering by way of exchange either gems or a week's holiday at my house in France which is in the country near La Rochelle on the West Coast. This could either be taken at half term or any time to suit.

Liz M

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