As we are re-designing our garden, it is time for a big tidy up.
John B has been around to dig over the area where the lawn is going to be, digging out roots, bulbs and bushes at the same time.

Terry and his friend came with his chain saw to cut down some trees and overhanging branches and Catherine M, showed up twice with her large trailer to help me move all the stuff to the local tip. It is starting to look empty in my garden, ready for some help and advise from Flora who is a whizz on fruit trees and bushes, to make it a more productive fruiting area.

All in all, a true team effort. Thank you so much for your help


For the removal of my fence and fruit bushes, I advertised on Real Cycle which not only gave me more manpower (as they dug out what they wanted) but also reduced a fast amount of stuff going into the tip.

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