Monday 11th of October, a get together at 11am at Magda's.

Magda has just had her 1st month of looking after the East side of the West Bridgford Skills exchange and celebrated this with a lovely get together at her house. Debbie, Paul, Ken, Martha, Karina, Cristina, Kim and of course Magda were there to share some time, stories and experiences. These happenings are fun and are the basis for a healthy and strong group.

Magda made some delicious Brasilian cheesey bread balls. They were out of this world and I can thoroughly recommend them for party food or just as treats. Ken presented home grown grapes to share with the group and the others, brought themselves, their positive and inspiring energy feeding both body and soul with tons of goodness. All in all, a simple but wonderful little break in the day, before we all went off doing our own things

I would like to thank Magda for taking the time to organise this little happening and hope that others will follow in her footsteps building a good old fashioned close knit community.

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