Come dine with me, a great way to share food and time with others.

Yesterday was my first trial Come dine with event. Magda and Andy arrived at 6.30 and started with Carrot and Coriander soup with cheese and onion bread. Followed by zucchini, roasted red pepper and Fetta bread topped with roasted mediteranean vegetable sauce. Home grown potatoes and broccoli. They sampled the Raspberry cordial and finished off with a hot drink and slice of coffee cake. I have not received my scores yet but the food went down well and the atmosphere was lovely.

As I was alone at home that evening, cooking and sharing the food with friends was so much nicer. I also need to earn more gems as today John will come to dig out some more tree roots out of my garden and he needs his gems to give to Andy P who built him a wonderful website.

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