The first Meditation meeting will be held at 8pm on Monday November 1st at my house and will last approx 1 hour.

We are very lucky to welcome Eddie, Kathy and Liam all who are willing to lead our group. They have varied experiences and interesting ideas for our stress relief and journey in meditation. They will all be there at the first meeting to introduce themselves and give us a brief overview of their practice and then Eddie will give us our first taster session in meditation. In the following weeks they will take it in turns to lead and we will take it in turns to host the session (any volunteers for hosting please mail me).

We will then meet every 2 weeks, depending on how big the group is - if it turns out to be a massive group we may have to split the group into two and meet once a month as we may struggle with space if there are more than 6-8 people.

The leaders very kindly have accepted gems in payment, 2 gems (from the group, not each) for approx a one hour session and 1 gem for the host.
The first session is a freebie and at the end if you decide this is for you then you can sign up and donate 2 gems which will pay for your meditation classes until approximately February (this will vary a little bit depending on the number of people who sign up and whether we have to split the group into two or not). It is a bit complicated to do a pay as you go on the gem system as it's roughly 1/3rd gem per session (and to cover the host if you don't host) but if that's what you'd rather do then it will be £5 for the session - and that's the cost for those who aren't in the skills exchange.

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks at my house.
Please mail me if you can make it.

Sally Thornton.

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