A little while ago, Mike Finn and I went to Ransome Wood to be part of a series of workshops on how to set up community groups to combat climate change.

We 'played' the Skills Exchange game to give people a hands-on experience and to learn through doing. Not sure if we have succeeded in getting others to set a similar group in their towns and villages but we tried...

It is so easy to set it up, not at all time consuming and as long as you have 12 friends who have a variety of skills it will work. See it as an orchestra. Plenty of musicians, they need to be varied and a conductor who directs and sets the pace. (That's me!) No point having all violists or drummers, it is the variety that brings the harmony. Even that little triangle brings out the surprise in the piece of music. If the conductor is not there, it does not mean that the musicians can make music... Find a conductor to set the pace and give directions, find the musicians and let the music begin!

For those who would like to have some help I have set up a spreadsheet which you can copy, just click here

Setup a google spreadsheet, copy it in there, get some tokens that are suitable (not too big) and off you go.

Good luck and would love to hear if you have taken the plunge or if you need any help.

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