Chiropracter/Physiotherapy recommendation.

Sometime ago I had some painful problems with my back and my movement was quite restricted. I was unable to bend normally or lift heavey items and so was in need of some serious work on my back. I work in a cafe/bar so lifting and handling is part and parcel of the job. Having asked around through the Skills Exchange for a chiropractor I was recommended a lady named Catherine Bruce, a lovely, mild-mannered South African with healing in her manipulating hands! After some relevent questions about work and life style and checking my mobility, Cathy set to work.

Now, not gonna lie, the session was painful but, boy, was she thorough! After being given some advice and a couple of gentle exercises I was ready to go home and lie down! But I haven't have any problems since and my back, though I still need a follow-up session as is normal with back problems, my back is feeling good with almost no problems at all.

If you would like to get in contact with Cathy Bruce details are on the shared document. Don't forget, she comes with a bog thumbs up from me!

Signing off.

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