My son is doing his A'level exams in the next few months.
My chemistry and biology are none existent, so I could not help him. He was worried that he was not fully understanding the subject, so he asked if he could join the skills exchange.

He is having Chemistry lessons from Lisa C. who lives only a few houses down from us (and whom I had not met before she joined the SE) and biology lessons from Naslee, who also lives only a few minutes walk up the hill. Mike is thrilled and is feeling much more confident.
Although at the moment I am earning the gems (earned 3 by hosting a wonderful pampering party) Mike will be doing a sushi making workshop in the Easter holidays, so hopefully he can 'pay' his way doing what he enjoys and is good at. Would Lisa and Naslee like to know how to make sushi?

Many, many thanks from a relieved mother and grateful son

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