Thomas is moving into his new accommodation in Cambridge on Sunday so we are off with a large car full of stuff. Unfortunately, the car is not large enough to take the comfy chair, henry the hoover, 4 collapsable chairs, A large crate of crockery and kitchen utensils, lamps and lights... We would have to do a special trip or order a van for the day

Then last week, Julie D came to pick up her vegetable box and heard about the dilemma. Without even asking, she offered to help and drive it all to Cambridge for us and she will be combining it to seeing a family member for lunch that day.

You probably have a picture in your mind of a man with a van removal service, but no, Julie does everything in style, our removal 'van' is a mini and it all fits!

I am so thankful for Julie's kind offer as it will make the whole trip much easier.

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