Today we had a skills exchange frenzy.

Today it looked like I had won the jackpot. First thing in the morning John B, came to have a look at the hedge that he was going to cut for me as I had done my back in and am not in a state to cut it myself. Then I dropped of Mark's car to Andrew who cleaned it for me.
Came back home, washed my hair in time for Loreen to cut it. Had a wonderful relaxing haircut and the result was great, felt like a different woman, minutes after that went off to a Totally locally meeting. Whilst I was there, John had cut the hedge, the car was ready for collection and John also managed to drop some friends of mine off at the station.
He found out they were on their way to Paris, the town in which he was a tourguide in his 'former life', so not only did they get a lift to the station but also John's top 5 tips to see Paris,

Many many thanks to Loreen, John and Andrew for making my day so eventful and giving me time to rest my back.

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