Every year I pollard the lime trees around my house. Up until now I had help from my strong teenage sons. However, now they have flown the nest, it was up to me to tackle the job. I foresaw a two day job ahead, backache and blisters and thought of a better way. Why not contact the helpful friends of the skills exchange?

First thing in the morning, Simon came armed with hard hat, chainsaw, loppers and anything else you can imagine one needs for a job like this. We started and an hour later the first tree was 'bare', the Mark T turned up with his truck, he loaded it all up and drove it into my allotment so that it can be used for pea sticks, bean poles and edging.

Whilst having a meeting out the house these two guys worked like troopers and managed to give another tree a good hair cut too. Two hours later and everything looks tidy and beautiful.

I would like to thank Simon and Mark for their wonderful help.

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