With the Totally Locally Melton Road Christmas market in sight, I will need to get all hands on deck. Although some people may be willing and able to help out voluntarily others may want to earn gems for their contribution. I have therefore been very busy making soup and scones to earn my gems.

The day before yesterday I harvested a whole carrot bed, brought the wheelbarrow home and these organic beauties were turned into a curried carrot soup and made 36 cheese scones to go with it. I am pleased that they went down so well as now I can spend them on making christmas greenery for the Melton Road and have the leaflets distributed giving others a chance to earn some more gems.

"Hi Karina,
The soup and scones were absolutely delicious thankyou so much !
It was sooo nice to tuck into them when we got home after a hectic day . I have been feeling unwell lately , and I do find it hard to juggle the children when my husband is at work sometimes so I really appreciated your help today.

I would be happy to help with any preparations for the Market too. ( I do like creative activities !)
Have a lovely evening.
Love S"

Thank you to those who gave me a chance to make the soup and scones, and I am pleased you liked it.

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