Cara's story

I'm often not great at spending my gems. I forget, I get too busy or I can't decide what to do with them, so this month I decided to get active.  I spent a couple of gems but I've also felt the benefit of the skills 
exchange community in lots of different ways.

First up was the lovely elderflower cordial made by Flora Muir. Cash not gems, but access to affordable local produce is a real bonus of the group for me. Two bottles, one for me and one to give to friends, perfect timing for the hot weather.  
Then a super busy fortnight left me with a wardrobe full of un-ironed shirts, which were quickly put right by Liz Milton for a gem.
This was followed by a call out from Tina Holt for a worktop off cut for her downstairs toilet. I happened to have just the thing. No gems or cash, 
but being able to pass on something we have no use for, and is taking up space in the garage, is a good thing.
Gavin Booth fixed our gate that had stopped closing a few months ago. He did a great job for the price of a gem.
Then Karina started selling her excess vegetables. If you've had some you will know they are really good, so several lettuces, potatoes, mangetout, and some amazing honey later, I may have spent a few pounds, but it's cheaper, fresher and nearer than any shop.

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