Feedback from a new member to the Skills Exchange

Skills Exchange – mm I thought sounds a good idea  - could I do it though – what skills do i Have??
After a half hour with Karina I was signed up! So  what are my skills – Initially I just added sewing – it’s what i do for a living – making curtains/blinds/teaching sewing -  I have since added haircutting as well offering sewing lessons, vouchers for courses. I’m sure I could add ironing/cleaning etc  to the list but am struggling with time so a bit reluctant to state this.
As yet not earned any gems but I have spent a couple of  though!
I spent a lovely long hour with Jen S – advice on blogging/websites – we had soo much in common &  chatted about lots of other things as well as the people we had in common – such a small world.  Hopefully we will meet for another coffee soon
This week I  had a lovely hour of Pilates with Mary W who was in need of Gems. Well worth the spending of a Gem – some me timeSmile. Mary was lovely – made me feel relaxed/not self conscious  and instructed really clearly. It’s a shame her yoga class on a Wed clashes with another commitment or I would be going to that!
I also took the opportunity to email round the SE group for some free advice for a friend & also to give away a book case. Both of which were responded to  - which was lovely.
Finally I  purchased some pink  elderflower cordial from Flora. I’m not usually a fan of white elderflower cordial as I find it too perfumey but thought I’d give it a go as I am trying to reduce my weekly intake of wine(arent we all?) so my mid week drink has become pink elderflower cordial & sparkly water – Lovely! Wish she has some more but sadly I got the last bottle. Maybe I might try her white elderflower just to see if my taste buds have changed?
I just wanted to thank you all for making me so welcome & look forward to becoming friends and being involved in this community.
Jan M

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