Celebrating my 60th birthday

My sixtieth birthday - a big party in the garden - lots of friends I hadn't seen for ages - a husband working his socks off to make it all a brilliant success (which it was) ..... but a bit of stress about how to manage it all and have a fantastic time. Enter 2 Skills Exchangers to the rescue. For a few gems, we had Bridget as a "meeter and greeter" and general help in the kitchen, which definitely took the pressure off answering the door and replenishing the food. And Jackie, not strictly a SE-er but honorary, as wife of Mark, also a talented photographer, did a fantastic job taking pictures, discreetly at a distance for some candid shots, as well as some posed groups. It was so good to have such a brilliant record of the evening without having to step out of the action ourselves to take photos. 6 gems absolutely well spent!

Carol and John

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