Hive of activity at David and Sarah's

Dear All

Hope you are all well. 

We have had a busy couple of weeks in the SE with Kathy & her daughter looking after our house rabbit Fuzzy for a week - he came back looking happy and very well cared for .

David has started to dig up the damson trees and has made one delivery , with more deliveries planned for Tuesday. If there is anybody left who would like one , David is also happy to plant it for you.

Today we have gifted some hellebores to Hannah who has already planted them and sent us a lovely picture of them in their new home.

I need to be earning some gems as we are now down to about 3 - so if anybody needs any jobs doing, or anything that I can do in an evening - eg ironing please let me know. 

We would like somebody please to be able to help and cut our hedges in the back garden ( they are not long ) it will need to be somebody please with their own electric hedgecutters. 

Really look forward to hearing from somebody soon re hedges ! 

Best wishes

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