Busy, busy at the Meakin household

Hi Skills Exchangers

It seems its not just the sun that has been shining - the Skills Exchange activity in our house has been as well - Martha borrowed the Baby Gate, Simon mended our toilet and Patrick has cut Villma's hedge.

On a slightly unrelated note... 
Due to unforeseen circumstances I have 3 tickets to the Sound of Music at the Theatre Royal in town on Thursday 22nd Sept 2016 at 7.30pm which I can't use. The tickets are good seats and cost £96 for 3.

Unfortunately the Theatre Royal won't refund them as the production isn't sold out yet, so whilst I am hedging my bets it does and I can resell them back to the Theatre I thought I would just ask my highly cultured Skills Exchanger friends!

Whilst I would love the full resale value for them, I would prefer they were not wasted, so if your are interested, please get in touch

All the best
Kate, Patrick & Mollie


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