Lettting those Gems shine

Dear All
It was a pleasure to have Liz M who needed some gems, to help me erect & concrete in some fence posts for a gem so that I can put up my allotment gate again after it blew down.
Liz said she had not realised how easy [& cheap] it was to do!
It was also nice to earn back the gem I gave her from Debbie Welch and join Cath Mears & Liz to help clear Debbie`s rasperry bed for the winter on her lovely allotment.
As you can see there are always plenty of ways to help each other & keep the gems flowing.
If you have only few gems & would like to earn some let people on the SE know by sending a general email.
Also for those of you who with lots of gems , Christmas is coming & is an ideal opportunity to get spending & create more gem journeys.
Best wishes to All.

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